Canada (Parry Sound, Ontario) - Day 3

If you missed Day 2, check the previous two posts.  I did not title them Day 2, but rather focused on the particular topics of the day.

Day 3 consisted of a hike, finishing the porch, Kyle's recovery, and a fire.  Kyle and Brett made a new friend on Day 2 named John.  Not me, the other John in the group.  Well, Kyle spent most of the day in bed and was back to normal around later in the afternoon.  That is why Kyle is not in the group photo.

In the morning the group hiked about a mile over the rocks and through the trees around the coast to locate a totem pole.  I was hiking with camera gear and a tripod to a group shot was no problem.  Once we returned it was lunch time.  The afternoon activity was finishing the removal of the porch floor and reattaching the stairs to the cottage.  Below you see the after and if you would like to see the before and during check out my previous post titled "The Cabin."

Kyle started feeling better and he decided to go on the same hike that we completed in the morning.  I can't recall if this photo at the table was taken before or after his hike.  Either way I like it.  It tells the story of how our weekend went.  Some guys drinking and carrying on.

Last but not least....THE FIRE.

Remember that front porch?  Well, it was just a giant pile of lumber.  The group made several trips taking scraps of lumber out to the rocks along the coast.  We started a large fire and burned about half of the porch.  The wind was gusting quite a bit and we were lucky that is was consistently blowing out to the water.  I had to take a couple photos of the fire.  The first is just of the fire to try and show the size.  The last is to show how extremely hot this blaze was and how close we were attempting to sit.  I love that Greg is taking shelter behind the cooler.

So these were my day by day recaps.  Stay tuned though because I took many landscapes that I will be posting one at a time over the next several weeks.

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