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Review: Modern Map Art - Pittsburgh Edition

Disclaimer: Posts on this blog may contain reviews and/or affiliate links for a product or service that I was asked to review in exchange for compensation and/or free products.  However, all opinions are 100% my own.  The product review for Modern Map Art would fall into this category.

My wife and I have lived in our home for over 15 years, and we both struggle to decorate the walls.  This seems a bit ironic since I make many images each year that I would consider appropriate to print, frame, and hang.  However, my subjects don't always jive with my wife's style.  As such, we have several large spaces that are just screaming for something to be displayed on the wall.

Recently, I was contacted by Modern Map Art to see if I was interested in providing feedback on their product. I reviewed their website ( to get a better understanding of the company and their offerings.  To say I was excited was an understatement.  I immediately showed Sue the prints of Pittsburgh, and we both agreed that this would look great in our home.  This is exactly the unique piece that we have been searching for to display in the dining room.  Needless to say I agreed to review their product.

I let Jennifer know that we would like the 24"x36" black and white print of Pittsburgh.  A few days later the print showed up well packaged in a shipping tube.  I am sure the smaller sizes and other items ship in appropriate packaging for their size.  The timeliness and sturdiness of the shipping process meets my expectations for this type of item.

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Obviously we chose Pittsburgh, it is where my family lives, works, and plays.  There were numerous size options, color options, and even a couple other product options.  I noticed there is even a Custom Order option.  You can send them a note on your particulars and work through the rest with their team.  As I mentioned above we selected black and white, and upon unrolling the print I was not disappointed.  The paper is of an extremely high quality, the quality of the printing was excellent, and is perfect for displaying.

Since we would be displaying this in our dining room, I took the extra step and had this piece professionally matted and framed.  Due to space constraints on the wall, we decided to make this two pictures instead of one.  I feel the print of the city streets can stand on its own.  Therefore, the frame shop cut the word Pittsburgh off the bottom and framed this separately, which will hang separately in our game room.  This added a little bit more cost for framing both pieces, but the overall objective of finding the unique piece for our home was the main goal.  I would give the quality of the product the highest marks in terms of paper quality, printing quality, and options available and customization options.

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The art has been hanging in our dining room for about a week now.  Each time I pass, my eye is drawn to it.  Which leads me to my next point.  Ever since I brought this home, my wife and I keep discussing all the different people, the hard to buy for people in our life, that would enjoy a similar piece for their home or office.  Regardless of where you call home, where you have lived, or visited my bet is that Modern Map Art has your city already available.  If not, I bet they can assist through the custom ordering option.

Overall, the product is a winner and the uniqueness is unmatched in my opinion.  I look forward to ordering my next piece.


ModernMapArt takes your favorite cities, mountains, and places and turns them into beautiful works of art. If you're looking for the perfect way to remember that trip to Europe, honeymoon, place you got engaged, your alma mater, hometown, or anything else, our maps are a great way to display that nostalgia in your home. They make great gifts, too!

They also participate in all the social channels, so check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.

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Lulu is 2!!!

Lulu turned 2 over the holidays and this is one of my favorite images I have created over her.  This was taken over the holiday break and it truly speaks to her personality.  She is one chill pup.

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