Fujifilm X100s - First Thoughts

Last year I completed a 365 Project and as part of that process I carried my large DSLR everywhere I went.  After my project completed I took a few weeks off from carrying a camera around.  Lately though I have missed some photo opportunities and I also have a interest in getting more involved in street photography.  So I started researching and reading reviews of cameras and landed on a Fujifilm X100s, which is the recently updated version of the X100.

Last Friday the camera arrived and I have been taking photos here and there trying out different settings and getting used to a rangefinder camera.  Well, my early thoughts are this is exactly what I wanted and is serving this purpose well.  I have an extremely portable and stealth camera that can produce high quality images.  Plus the retro style of this camera is beautifully designed.  The images below are a few samples and I am sure I will be posting many more as time goes on, especially now that I am carrying a camera everyday again.

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  1. I have been thinking about one of these since they came out. One of the students at Barnstorm last year had one and I was really impressed with it.



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