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Postcard from Kiawah Island

On one of our morning walks the crews were out setting up beach chairs and umbrellas.  I was able to snap this photograph and thought it would make a nice postcard.

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Ice Cream!!!

This is what happens when you tell kids it is time for ice cream.  They all take off running.

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Keep Out!

Way back when, I think in the 1950s, you could purchase land on the islands in Parry Sound.  Several years ago, I am not sure when, the Canadian government declared much of this area "Queen's Land."  This would be the equivalent to a National Park in the states, I think.  Anyone that owned property during this declaration was able to keep their property, which is great for the current and future generations.  However, this gave permission for the general public to begin camping and hiking throughout this area.

When we were hiking back from the totem pole to the cottage you see in the distance, we came upon this sign.  If there were actually grass anywhere on this island, I would have named this post "Stay Off My Lawn!"

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Like Father, Like Son

While we were at the beach we played a game similar to horse shoes, but with golf balls and holes in the sand.  I couldn't resist taking a photo of the father-son game that was in progress.

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Stormy Sky

A couple weeks ago we headed down to the Greek Food Festival for some giros.  We normally just walk down the hill, but based on the sky we decided to drive down.  I dropped Sue off to get in line and I drove around the block.  The sky was so cool looking, that I had to park and a take a few shots.

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After a day at the beach everyone got cleaned up and decided to hang out on the deck before dinner.  I was able to snap a few images of my niece Nora and sister-in-law Karen.  This one is my favorite for a few reasons.  I will let you decide why you like it.

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Kiawah Island Trees at Sunset

During our walks to get ice cream in the evening we pass this grouping of trees.  I love the way the trees are silhouetted in the evenings when the sun is setting.  If you are able to visit Kiawah Island make sure and take time to notice the trees.  There are many very interesting varieties to appreciate.

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Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer - Kiawah Island Beach Session

During our family vacation a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph the Sticca family.  We started a little earlier than we should have, but even with the challenge of a very bright sun, I think everything turned out really nice.  Below I have included a few of my favorites.

Maybe next year, I will plan a little better and try and see if other Pittsburgh families will be at the beach at the same time and book a few more sessions for that week.

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