Polar Bear Fun - Pittsburgh Zoo

On Sunday the whole family including my sister-in-law and her twins went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium.  The weather was great and so were all the animals.  I have been to the zoo many times and one of my favorite features are the polar bears.  In the past it seems every time we get to the polar bears, they are taking it easy and not active at all.  Well, this visit was different!  I am not sure how many polar bears are actually in the exhibit but the one that was out was extremely active.  It was like music was playing in his head and he was dancing to this beat, repeating the same steps and head movements for quite a while.  The kids were glued to the window as they watched this dance routine.  Eventually we left and went below into the tunnel and the bear followed by entering the water and playing with a floating box and entertaining the crowd.  This was by far the highlight of this trip to the zoo and aquarium and we will definitely be back soon.

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