Color Vibe - Akron Edition

I had the pleasure of attending the Color Vibe 5K event just outside of Akron to support my cousin Matt and his wife Monica.  While I was there I decided to take a bunch of photographs of the start and then the last color station just before the finish.  The photograph below is of that last color station where participants get blasted with the color blue by volunteers.  There are about 5 or 6 color stations each with a different color.  Some try to avoid the color, while others relish in getting doused.

I have them posted here so take a look.  If you participated in the 5K there is a chance you made my photos.

If you aren't familiar with these events check out Color Vibe's website (  They seem like a great organization that gives back to the communities they hold events in.  So if Color Vibe comes to your town please considering participating.

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