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Ah, the yellow belt.  If you live in Allegheny County you have seen the signs for the belt system.  Starting in the center and working towards the border of Allegheny County, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.  Most believe that the signs litter our roadways for some unknown purpose.

I bet if you ask local residents which color belt they lived on or near, there would be silence or stammering as they tried to figure it out.  We take the belts for granted.  We make fun of the signs with the big colored dots.  Hell parts of the Allegheny County Belt System was featured on the Dave and Dave Show on WQED.  Dave and Dave did segments on the Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Belts. Check out the videos here.

I love the Allegheny County Belt System and here is why.

I grew up about an hour Southwest of Pittsburgh in Wheeling, so I had an understanding of how to get around in the South Hills and even to the major landmarks downtown (Stadiums and whatnot).  When I moved to Pittsburgh in the spring of 2001, I relied heavily on the belt system to learn the city and always be able to find my way back home.  Back then I lived on the Green Belt, in Ben Avon.  I moved to east side of the city in 2002 and still live there in Oakmont, which is located on the Yellow Belt.  

I was searching for a name that I could identify with, not only where I lived but also had a personal connection, and that is how I decided to name this blog “The Yellow Belt.”  Don’t be fooled into think this blog will be about things that are only Yellow or that are located on the Yellow Belt or that are only Allegheny County or Pittsburgh.  

I love Pittsburgh and all that it has to offer, so there will be doses of Pittsburgh, but I am also a dad, husband, geek, beer lover, and photographer.  So count on other stuff as well.

The blog is still being developed so expect a few formatting changes to be rolled out in the upcoming weeks. So sit back and enjoy the ride on The Yellow Belt.

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