So over the last few weeks I have been reminding Sue that she needs to figure out when and what we are doing for vacation.  Specifically, coordinate with her sister on when we are going to the beach.  Over the weekend Sue and her sister talked and finally decided we are headed to Kiawah Island, SC.

This pleases me for several reasons.  First, I have been to several beaches on the east coast for family vacations, but never Kiawah Island.  I love traveling and exploring new places.  This means I will get to research and plan all the places I want to photograph while we are there.  Second, I love the beach, not so much the sand but everything else that goes with the beach.  Lastly, I know that the vacation is booked and there won't be any last minute conversations about when or where we should go on vacation.

With all this in mind I started going through some of the photographs from our beach trip last year to find one for editing.  We went to Ilse of Palms, SC which is located a few miles north of Charleston.
One of the mornings we were there I woke up before sunrise to take a bunch of shots with the plan of editing at a later time.  Well, this was one of the photographs of the sun rising that morning and editing this photo brought back the memory of standing there with some locals enjoying the sunrise.  As I was taking my photos one gentleman turned to me and said "You know, this happens every day here."

Maybe one day I will have a beach house somewhere that I can watch the sunrise every day.

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