52 Project (Week 45) - Goodbye

I began my X-Series journey in April of 2013.  I had done months of research trying to find a camera to meet my evolving needs.  I had recently completed a 365 Project and wanted to continue making images, without having to lug my Canon 5D MkII around everywhere.  I was settling in on my style and genre of photography that made me happy, which are primarily the street and documentary genre. At the top of the short list of possible options was the Fujifilm X100s.  I was also considering options from Sony and Olympus.

To be honest it was a mental struggle.  I loved the styling, the size, and overall capabilities of the X100s.  My primary concern was the fixed lens and being committed to a 35mm focal length.  Don't get me wrong, I love prime lenses and have several, but on my DSLR I have the luxury to change them around whenever I wish.  Day after day I would play different scenarios over and over in my head and how the X100s would fall short because of the fixed focal length.  I read every review, every blog, every piece of internet content I could find, and after close to a month of internal struggle I made the purchase and my very own X100s arrived on my doorstep sometime in late April.

Since that day in April my X100s goes almost every where with me, constantly by my side, in my pocket, or in my bag.  It has been the perfect companion, slowing me down and forcing me to think about composition and lighting, making me a better photographer.  We traveled to places like Canada, New York, and Kiawah Island.  Countless bicycle rides and hiking trips.

Never once did the fixed focal length become an issue, and truth be told it liberated me to some extent.  It allowed me ot just leave the house with nothing but a camera, a spare battery, and some memory cards.  Before that I would spends hours contemplating what lenses to take on a trip.  This new setup allowed me to focus on the shot not the gear.  It allowed me to be super stealth working in "silent mode" or on occassion strike up a conversation with a stranger about the cool film camera I was using.  The camera and I blended in to the background....it has been awesome.

When I read about the announcement about the new version of the X100s, which would be the X100t, I knew I would be getting one.  I pre-ordered and it finally arrived.  The main issues I had with the X100s have been resolved on the X100t, through software and some hardware enhancements.  Things like more customizable menus, higher shutter speeds, better rear buttons, wireless functions, and consistency amoung the X-Series line.

So now I say goodbye to my X100s and a big HELLO to the X100t.  I am sure my X100s will find itself a nice new home, and it should be listed on eBay in the next several days.

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