52 Project (Week 28) - Echinacea

Last week I was out in the backyard enjoying the weather, the kids playing, and a beer.  I also figured it was a good opportunity to play around with the X-E2 macro function.  The lens that was attached was the Fuji 35mm f/1.4, which seemed to work just fine in macro mode. The one thing I did quickly learn was that I felt more comfortable in manual focus when shooting in macro mode.  Overall, the Fuji X-E2 performed well for macro shots, and if I were in a pinch or traveling I would feel confident that I could get the shot I wanted.  However, if I was headed out to shoot specifically macro images I will defer to my Canon gear with an actual macro lens for now.  Maybe someday I will have a Fuji macro lens and I will feel differently.

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