Canon Pinch Lens Caps - Finally!!!

I shoot Canon.  I have plenty of friends that shoot both Canon and Nikon.  There are really only two things I wish was part of my Canon equipment.  The first is that Canon bring their firmware up to the level of Nikon when it comes to bracketing.  The second is I wish Canon would produce "pinch" lens caps.

This seems like a small request and finally they must have listened.  I heard several months ago that the pinch style lens caps would be available this spring.  I pre-ordered a 58 and a 67 and they showed up today.  These make such a big difference when you have a lens hood attached.  I am still waiting for the 77s to become available, hopefully soon.  I am hoping that this style cap becomes the default when you purchase a lens in the future.

Now if only the firmware will be upgraded so you can bracket more than three photos at a time.  One can hope.

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